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Case story: Leg pain ('sciatica') with disc bulges

‘I feel so much better and optimistic about the future re self-help. Chiropractic treatment has helped enormously with both physical symptoms and mood. I had tried physiotherapy and Bowen technique that did not help at all, so I am very pleased with the outcome and treatment that I received’

The case… A 65 year old lady with a 3 month history of leg pain (‘sciatica’) had an MRI report identifying 2 bulging discs in her lumbar spine. She also had a replacement hip and was diagnosed with osteoporosis

We assessed her… Tests indicated that while she had a lot of nerve pain in her leg, the nerves from her lower back were still working quite well. We also found pain and stiffness in some of her lumbar spine joints

Our diagnosis… Radiating nerve pain due to an irritated lumbar spinal nerve, associated with lumbar disk bulges. In addition, some mechanical lower back pain

How we treated her…
1. Manipulation was used for the stiff lumbar spine joints. There is research evidence for a benefit of chiropractic manipulation in treating sciatica with disc protrusions[click to view]. Due to osteoporosis, very light techniques were used
2. Core muscle exercises were prescribed to improve longer term resilience to spine issues
3. Information and advice was given to encourage return to normal activities and prevention of recurrences
4. Information and advice was given about osteoporosis and exercises that help bone density

Patient’s outcome questionnaire scores… by 14 days after her first visit pain was reduced and function was 68% improved. By 30 days function scores were 97% improved. The Patient’s Global Impression of Change (PGIC) rating was ‘Very much improved’

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